Cancer Support Program


Cancer is a major cause of illness in Australia.  By the age of 85m, 1 in 3 men and 1 in 2 women will have been diagnosed with some type of cancer.

This is an astounding statistic and let's not forget those that are affected by cancer indirectly; The supporters, helping someone they love and care about navigate a cancer diagnosis.

Bundaleer Homestead is here to help.  Cancer support is something we are passionate about and believe we can help you navigate your cancer journey whether as a patient, a survivor or a supporter. 

The program covers various topics such as;

  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • The power of the mind
  • Nutrition
  • Pain
  • Living and Dying
  • Healing attitudes and spirituality.

The program is run by Barbara Ritzmann who is a registered naturopath and massage therapist.  Barbara has studied at the Gawler Foundation and brings a wealth of knowledge and nurturing. 


Thursday 10am - 12noon

Cost $5 per person

For further enquiries or to book please call Bundaleer Homestead on 03 5428 2155 or email